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The international easter project "climate change in europe - future for the planet"

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“EUnify! - Ausgrenzung? Nein danke!”

The project "EUnify!" carried out by the association Friedenszeichen Hagen e.V. in cooperation with the Belgian Jeugdhuis' t Schab, the city of Hagen in the form of the European office and the Berufskolleg K2 Hagen, as well as the Rahel Varnhagen Kolleg, is intended to give the participating young people the opportunity to make a new non-formal learning experience.


The project will help them to understand the exclusion of minorities in today's society in the context of European history better. They should learn how violence and injustice experiences can arise and what they can mean for those affected, if necessary also in their own environment.

"EUnify!" consists of two consecutive phases, the first part of the project consists of two days of action during which the participants should acquire a common basic knowledge of the history of exclusion in Europe. After the school action days follows the second phase of the project in which the participating young people will make an excursion to Brussels. There the House of European History will be visited, after which participants will go to the European Parliament.


After the dialogue between the EU politician and the participants, the plenary session of the European Parliament will be looked at together. This is followed by a joint evening with the Belgian partner group of Jeugdhuis' t Schab, where the young people have the opportunity to talk with their peers about the current situation with regard to exclusion in the two participating countries.

The project will reach a total of about 80 participants, most of whom have a migrant and / or a socially deprived background who have had little to no contact with the institution of European Union in their previous career.