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On November 30, 2019, the transnational photo marathon took place simultaneously in the three Caucasian capitals Baku, Tbilisi and Yerevan. More than 50 photographers embarked on a creative search for motifs that matched 15 different topics related with the issues of identity, diversity and connectivity. At the end of the day - after 8 hours of run and gun photography - a total of over 500 individual photos were submitted.

The results are extremely exciting and creative photographs that also document the same day in three different places. Since the participants all expressed themselves in one photographic language, we decided to mix the results from all three cities with one another.


Project Coordinator & Curator

of the Europe Photo Marathon:

Magnus Lorenz


Organisation Team Baku:

Ali Mamedov & Samanta Berga


Organisation Team Tbilisi:

Laurens Lohn & Magnus Lorenz


Organisation Team Yerevan:

Gayane Harutunyan & Natalia Da Silva


© Europa Photo Marathon

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