⌂ - Projects organized by East-West-East Germany;

✈︎ - Projects East-West-East Germany participated in.

DECEMBER 03 - 09 

 Training Course "DIGIYouth" in Georgia.


DigiYouth was a one-week Training Course in the beautiful nature reservoir of Lagodekhi in Georgia. During the 7 days, the participants learned about digital youth work, human rights in connection to the internet, and even about artificial intelligence. A big part of the project also focussed on staying private and securing our online life. The participants had a wonderful time and everybody was satisfied at the end.


⌂ Online Training Course "Resilience & Wellbeing of You(th)"


This online-course was implemented on the 15th, 18th, 22th and 25th of November with a reunion-meeting on the 15th of December 2021 by Ceyda Özdemir and Olga Sokolova, as a partnership of Hasat NGO from Turkey and East-West-East Germany e.V. from Germany and is funded by the German-Turkish Youth Bridge.

12 youth and social workers, project managers, trainers, and teachers from Germany and Turkey took part in the "Resilience and Wellbeing of You(th)" training course. They gathered together to expand the awareness on mental health topics by experiencing different methodologies like Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, Lewis Deep Democracy, Experiential learning and some coaching tools. Each of the participants found many useful tools and techniques to apply in their actual practice.



⌂ Training Course "Migration & Refugees in Youth Work" in Georgia.

On 14-22 November, our youth workers participated in a training course, "Migration & Refugees in Youth Work" in Bakuriani/Georgia. The project's objectives were to tackle this big topic, exchange opinions and perspectives, and develop a tool kit for youth workers.



The project gathered participants from 10 countries. Since the project was based on peer learning and exchanging best practices, the participants also implemented workshops for the group. Besides, current challenges on local levels are discussed in mixed teams to have an external view of the specific situation. Strategies and action plans for the local context were developed for the follow-up phase.


✈︎ Training Course "Training of Trainers". Phase 2 in Rabka-Zdrój, Poland.

An excellent and fruitful week was spent by our Olga Sokolova and Daria Gaskova on the Erasmus+ training course for youth workers and trainers, which was organised by Europe4Youth in Rabka-Zdrój, Poland.


Main contents & activities of the project:

  • exploring trainers tasks.
  • innovations in youth work.
  • exploring varioous EDU-methodologies: eduLARP, gamification, adventure- & theater-based learning.
  • designing learning tools.
  • addressing specific needs of learners.





“Mental Health in Youth Work” training course held sessions about “Non-Violent Communication” to teach the participant how to peacefully express their feelings and needs, so that other people can more easily relate to us. Afterwards, we did some indoor yoga session. Aside from the physical benefits, one of the best benefits of yoga is how it helps a person manage stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind. 



Then, a very interesting kind of meditation was organized – the "Guided Chakra Meditation". This guided meditation is being done to rebalance our system and restore all corners of our body. 


We paused for a moment to give ourselves an opportunity to reflect and #BeOneWithNature. "Forestbathing" proved to significantly improve mood, give a sense of peace, calmness, balance, and provides in general benefit both for emotional well-being and overall health.


Then, everyone returned indoors to learn about Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other Positive Psychology Interventions. This session led the participants to gain knowledge to better strategies for managing mental illness, correcting negative behaviours, and increase happiness and productivity.


And to wind up, participants from 8 different countries (and over 15+ nationalities) sit around their self-made bonfire and enjoyed the flickering light from the fire, crackling sounds of the burning wood, and the warmth of being together.



Much work has been done to raise awareness about mental health and mental disorders, but there is still so much more to go. For this program, we diverted it to a more interesting way – “Film making”. This activity was directed towards breaking mental health stigma and let the participants understand mental health issues more deeply.




It’s ok to be not ok, we’re all not ok, some less than others but we all need empathy and we can all become better than ourselves with the help of others. There’s no shame in seeking support and the bravest word is “help”.



How are you feeling lately? Maybe there is something you have been thinking so much? or something you already went through and want to share but feel shy? We want you to know that you are not alone🤗

Spread your own Mental-Morphosis!☀️

If you wish to be a part of it, you can share your story about how you have faced your anxiety or overcome your stressful situation on your social media account. Remember to add our hashtags #letitflyout #mentalmorphosis #embraceyourself to make it reachable by others who might need some inspiration.

As the participants of the project "Mental Health in Youth Work" hosted by "Move to be you" we are very glad to share our experience with you❤️

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✈︎ TREACTION: tuRning idEAs into ACTION in Estonia.

In October our group took part in a training course “REACTION: tuRning idEAs into ACTION” in Narva, Estonia. The aim of the course was to create an inclusive environment for developing new ideas and social projects that can change the quality of life of people with special needs and disabilities. The participants of the training acquired new skills and competences in working with diverse groups of young people.


During the training we looked at different aspects of disability, inclusion and integration; principles of communication with people with and without special needs; examples (successful and not so successful) of multilevel groups. This training provided a space for dialogue and exchange of experience between participants from Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland.


The programme included the following topics:

  • understanding inclusion and disability;
  • dealing with fears and barriers in communication within an inclusive group;
  • practical cases for organising inclusive projects and activities;
  • social project design and development of own social project;
  • reflective practices.

The knowledge acquired at the course was shared with the members of the organisation.


⌂ Short-term ESC-project "Fulfilling Young Dreams" in Hagen Berchum, Germany.

Young people, through their work as volunteers, helped with renovation and development of a youth center in Hagen Berchum which aims to support intercultural and international education. 


✈︎ Training Course "Training of Trainers". Phase 1 in Rabka-Zdrój, Poland.

An excellent and fruitful week was spent by our Olga Sokolova and Daria Gaskova on the Erasmus+ training course for youth workers and trainers, which was organised by Europe4Youth in Rabka-Zdrój, Poland.


Together with participants polished their skills on facilitating learning programmes and designing educational tools; analysed conditions for learning, trainers mistakes and learners needs; explored cities of Rabka-Zdrój, Zakopane and Kraków during the day off. 


The phase 2. is scheduled for November 2021.

AUGUST 11-18

✈︎ Youth Exchange "Mindfulness - A full mind" in Hungary.


The participants learned about the practices on mental health and well-being as well as providing them with the opportunity to understand how emotional well-being can be improved by mindfulness, meditation and regular physical exercise. They had the opportunity to learn about stress and emotion management, healthy habits, mindful eating, entrepreneurship and much more. There were also chances to try different kinds of meditation practices, yoga, breathing exercises and qigong. Through the activities, participants had the opportunity to improve their self-awareness, connection with nature and develop their key competencies.

JULY 09-17

✈︎ Training Course "GameINC: Developing Inclusive Games for Diverse Groups of Players" in Estonia.


In July 2021 youth workers, youth NGO leaders, educators and aspiring trainers gathered in Narva, Estonia, to explore the field of inclusive educational game design.



Educational games have been gaining in popularity in recent years. The game is a simple yet incredibly effective tool in the work of youth workers and educators. However, often when working with inclusive groups, professionals do not know how to adapt certain games to the needs of the group. 

The training course “GameInc: Developing Inclusive Games for Diverse Groups of Players” aimed to develop educational games and adapt them for an inclusive group. Under the guidance of experienced trainers, participants learned practical tools for the development of educational games and their adaptation for different groups of young people (regular and multilevel).


Training objectives:

  1. To introduce participants to the principles of organising inclusive work with young people and to provide a safe space and support for participants to develop educational games and to adapt them to an inclusive group;
  2. To introduce participants to the principles of play-based learning and gamification;
  3. To introduce participants to the values, principles and methods of non-formal education;
  4. Introduce participants to methods and tools of game design for creating educational games;
  5. To develop and test a set of 5 educational game concepts to be used in inclusive work with young people.

The training course was intensive and included 4 practical sessions of 90 minutes a day, as well as time for individual and team reflection in the evenings. The programme included the following topics:


  1. understanding inclusion and disability,
  2. fears and barriers in communication within an inclusive group,
  3. practical cases of organizing inclusive projects and activities,
  4. principles of educational games and gamification,
  5. game design,
  6. reflective practices,
  7. working on own educational games (in teams).

More about the project implementation you can read in the blog of the project (in Russian):

On the 2nd of October 2021 one of the games created during the training course “GameInc: Developing Inclusive Games for Diverse Groups of Players” was tested by the members of EWE and the valuable feedback was shared! The participants also have learned more about inclusion and game dynamics. 


Game is a powerful learning tool, which our organisation values and our youth workers use in a non-formal learning format of the youth work we do.


Fore more info on the project, see above.

14/15/21/22 APRIL

⌂ Online Training Course "Digital Facilitation Bootcamp".

ONLINE TRAINING COURSE "DIGITAL FACILITATION BOOTCAMP" is the second cohort of the "Collaboration and Learning in Virtual Worlds" Training Course, which was implemented in autumn 2020 by the same team and same organisations.


At "Digital Facilitation Bootcamp" we explored the following topics:

• non-formal and participative learning in virtual settings;

• facilitating groups and creating communities virtually;

• group dynamics and team engagement online;

• enabling the power of the "digital crowd" in a positive way;

• integration of virtual youth exchange into the existing programmes of youth organisations.




More information about the project:

March 04/11/18/25 - April 01/08

 Local Digital Training Course:"Democracy under Surveillance: A New Threat".


Nowadays democracy experiences new threats, as one of the basic human rights - freedom of speech (or freedom of expression) - is being violated. Recent current events in the U.S. and European countries force us to reflect on the critical topic of citizens' democratic freedom to receive and impart information. We are seeing more censorship, manipulative algorithms and targeted misinformation campaigns.



We believe that young people should have a platform to discuss the concept of “freedom of expression” as a human right and also a responsibility of every individual. We offered an open space to talk about it at different angles.


The 6 weeks long course consisted of...

◉ 6 workshops and talks with the professional journalists

◉ self-learning interactive content between the sessions in Telegram


The topic-highlights:

  • The main concepts of media literacy and critical thinking;
  • The concept of freedom of expression as a basic human right;
  • Mechanisms of work of current media and its functions on the example of Radio Hagen;
  • Mass Media Influence and Censorship
  • The politicisation of TikTok