Online Training Course: Digital Facilitation Bootcamp


14/15/21/22 April 2021


Countries: Turkey and Germany

ONLINE TRAINING COURSE "DIGITAL FACILITATION BOOTCAMP" is the second cohort of the "Collaboration and Learning in Virtual Worlds" Training Course, which was implemented in autumn 2020 by the same team and same organisations.


At "Digital Facilitation Bootcamp" we explored the following topics:

• non-formal and participative learning in virtual settings;

• facilitating groups and creating communities virtually;

• group dynamics and team engagement online;

• enabling the power of the "digital crowd" in a positive way;

• integration of virtual youth exchange into the existing programmes of youth organisations.


More information about the project:

Local Digital Training Course:

Democracy under Surveillance: A New Threat


04/11/18/25 March, 01/08 April 2021


Countries: Germany

Nowadays democracy experiences new threats, as one of the basic human rights - freedom of speech (or freedom of expression) - is being violated. Recent current events in the U.S. and European countries force us to reflect on the critical topic of citizens' democratic freedom to receive and impart information. We are seeing more censorship, manipulative algorithms and targeted misinformation campaigns.


We believe that young people should have a platform to discuss the concept of “freedom of expression” as a human right and also a responsibility of every individual. We offered an open space to talk about it at different angles.


The 6 weeks long course consisted of...

◉ 6 workshops and talks with the professional journalists

◉ self-learning interactive content between the sessions in Telegram


The topic-highlights:

  • The main concepts of media literacy and critical thinking;
  • The concept of freedom of expression as a basic human right;
  • Mechanisms of work of current media and its functions on the example of radio Hagen;
  • Mass Media Influence and Censorship
  • The politicisation of TikTok