National Youth Work

Work on-site


Ever been on stage before? Have you ever written a rap song? Have you ever shot a professional video? Have you ever taken photos for an exhibition? No? But you're up for it? Then you are exactly right with us! East West East Germany e.V. is very active on a national level. Various offers aimed at children, young people and young adults are organized and carried out by our association. In order to participate in the offers listed below, no specific prerequisites or previous knowledge are necessary. So if you feel like trying yourself out creatively and getting to know a lot of new people, then we offer you a variety of possibilities. Find out now about current offers!



The Tagungsketten of East West East (TK) are conferences for children with a long tradition. On at least four weekends a year, children from different corners of our region meet to discuss a topic in a creative, playful and imaginative way. The themes are chosen by the children themselves. A group of young, committed and motivated volunteers will deal with the topics and try to create a conference that is as fun as possible but also instructive, which will then be accompanied and teamed by them. 


With the reconstruction, Haspe will have a new meeting point for children and young people in the centre of the district. The facility serves as a further instrument of social integration. In particular, outreach work, mentoring for immigrant and refugee families, language courses, and networking among each other are promoted here. The office of our East West East Germany association has been located here since 16 May 2019. 


The artists of SOG Next Level use music, acting and video as their mouthpiece to bring personal experiences, thoughts and opinions to as many people as possible - it's about the MESSAGE. Their messages contain positive as well as negative experiences and feelings, they reflect to society everything that in their opinion is not going well or not at all, but at the same time they create ideas and suggestions for a common future.


Music and band promotion - the Music Office Hagen advises and accompanies the local music scene and organises local and national performances. In addition, the MOH offers special offers for further education in the field of music business and production. The MOH helped young artists to make important appearances, among others at Ruhr-International (Bochum), NRW-Fest Düsseldorf and at the Kirchentag in Berlin 2017. 


The aim of Kultopia is to promote children- and youth culture in Hagen. The Kultopia offers a varied and constantly changing programme of youth culture, ranging from creative workshops to band coaching. A further focus of the Kultopias is to create a stage for young people where they can present their artistic work in front of an audience and thus gain experience for their further artistic and/or musical future.


For almost 19 years the Elaphi kindergarten has been offering bilingual childcare. The kindergarten offers Greek and German food alternately, holidays of both cultures are celebrated and stories, songs and games are presented in both languages. For the Greek children it is ensured that they have a good command of their mother tongue. This is the basis for learning a second language. German children also receive an introduction to Greek. Since January 2019, East West East Germany has been organising in Elaphi a voluntary service (ESC) for young people from Greece.