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The European Solidarity Corps is a voluntary service in frames of ERASMUS+. It offers young people between 18 and 30 years the opportunity to discover European foreign countries. The volunteer gets the chance to work in a social or cultural organisation. Youth centres or kindergardens but also museums or environmental organisations are often searching for volunteers. The projects have a duration between 2 and 12 months. Positive impacts are the learning of a new language and practicing the English skills. The volunteer becomes part of a new culture as well.

In the past years we hosted 13 volunteers and send a huge amount everywhere in Europe.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for advice:
eastwesteastnetwork@gmail.com, paul.gaffron@gmx.de


You can also find more information at European Solidarity Corps

KIRA, Germany

I am Kira and I did my voluntary service in Tallinn, Estonia in 2017. I have worked in a youth organization and have worked with all age groups from kindergarten, primary school age to young adults. For example, I have given classes in German, made music with young people and worked in summer camps. I have gained an incredible amount of experience, developed personally, learned to speak and write English fluently and made friends who have become very important in my life. If you want to know more about my experiences, follow the link below.


MEDEA, Georgia

I’m Medea from Georgia and I did my EVS at eSw in Germany where I worked as a youth worker for the East West East Network in 2015-2016. My experience was very unique in many ways and it contributed to my personal growth as well as gaining knowledge about project writing and management.  We did quite a few projects concerning human rights, migrant crisis and few local and international projects in the frame of  the "No Hate Speech" campaign. It was a valuable experience, considering how much I learnt about project management and communication with partner organizations all over Europe. Another significant outcome of my EVS was learning a lot about youth work in general while working with the EWE group. Apart from my voluntary experience, I faced many challenges as a foreigner, living in Germany which was another contribution to my personal growth. To summarize my EVS experience in a sentence: "It could not have been more rewarding, compelling and life-changing".

DARIA, Russia

My name is Dasha and I am a great adventurer who can never stay in one place. I was born in a small town in Siberia. Every summer my family spent their holidays at Lake Baikal, the "pearl of the world". Since I was 16 I have been drawn away. The last five years I lived in St. Petersburg. I made very useful experiences there, but had to work a lot in the office. Everything was usual until then, but I felt like a bird without wings. Then came the decision to change something. I promised myself and my friends to start a new life in January 2018. But how... I didn't know.


This story started in October 2017.


I found an EVS programme in Germany for potential volunteers. Here were all the important points for me: working with young people on a national and international level, which is to find understanding and solutions for current social and cultural problems. This work would be very interesting as well as the preparation and implementation of different projects. Concerning public relations, this is my professional activity. The third argument was the region of Hagen and Dortmund. I already lived in Dortmund within the scope of an exchange study. The next day I sent my application and began to wait...


After some e-mails and a Skype conversation I finally got the confirmation. I felt that it would change my life.


Since January 2018 I am here in Germany. In the first two months we have already carried out two important project days with our German group within the scope of the topic "Nationalism and Patriotism", presented the project of the European Solidarity Corps (ESK) in a fair, prepared a play with pupils from the Christian-Rohlfs-Gymnasium in Hagen within one week, got to know a representative of the city of Hagen and made some applications for future projects. I also attended the one-week EVS training course in Hamburg and am now expecting further interesting "business trips" and meetings.


I also attend the German language courses and got to know new people. All in all I enjoy every day and my life today. It is really an extraordinary opportunity to leave the comfort zone and speak foreign languages without limits and fear. I have the time to develop and travel. Now I have the opportunity to concentrate on self-education.


What will happen, I do not know. But at the moment I can only say - every person gets what he wants after all and everything is in our own hands!